SHORT INFO: Lostbone is the live machine built on the most energetic genres of music: thrash, death and hardcore! You can honestly say that this music screams and growls for be played live! The group was founded in 2005 and has already released three albums, several smaller releases and countless concerts both as a headliner, as well as the support of the well-known names as Motorhead, Gojira, Cavalera Conspiracy, Six Feet Under and more. Now Lostbone is promoting the "Ominous" album released worldwide in February 2012, that gathered a very positive response from both the fans and critics. The NEW – 4th album is planned to be released in fall 2014! More on: BIO: In January 2012 Lostbone released their new - third album, entitled "Ominous". "It's definitely our most diverse material! - Says the band - have created the slowest and heaviest songs in our history, but right next to them we have fast and furious stuff. It is a little more melody and definitely more blasts! There's also a couple of guests. " Lostbone was created in 2005. Just two years later released the first EP "Time To Rise", two songs from it was also released on the compilation "Hardcore Attack 2007". In January 2008 the band released their first album, entitled "Lostbone". In Poland, Spook Records took over distribution, while the album was released worldwide in digital form through the Defend Music / IODA. The song "Sick Of It" was also released by the french United Winds Records on compilation "Moshing Attitude Part 1". In mid-2008 the actual Lostbone line-up was made what the band sealed the release of EP - split with the band Terrordome - "Split It Out". Two songs from the album, also appeared on the compilation "Hardcore Blood" and the disc of Magazine Guitarist. In February 2010, Altart Music released the second Lostbone album - "Severance". A few months later, “Severance” had its world premiere by Quickstar Production / Distrophonix. Album met with a very positive reception of both fans and journalists, and was supported by a two-years touring. Lostbone is a live band, which has dozens of shows on the account, both as a headliner, as well as support act for bands such as: Motorhead (UK), Gojira (France), Cavalera Conspiracy (USA), Six Feet Under (USA), Decapitated, Kat & RK, Hunter, Frontside, Proletaryat, L 'Esprit du Clan (France), Beatallica (USA ), Punishable Act (Germany), Vermin (Netherlands), Corruption, or Schizma. He also performed at festivals Ursynalia 2013, Wacken Metal Battle 2011, Metalowa Twierdza, Festiwal Mocnych Brzmien 2012, ParkFest, OstFest, Slaughter Night Fest and many others. DISCOGRAPHY: Time To Rise EP 2007 Lostbone LP 2008 (Spook Records / Defend Music / IODA) Split It Out EP 2008 Severance LP 2010 (Altart Music) Ominous LP 2012 (Metal Mundus) Compilations: DIY Hardcore Attack 2007 Moshing Attitude part I 2008 DIY Blood Hardcore 2008 Magazyn Gitarzysta CD 08/2009 CONTAKT: INFO: